MF Card series features introduced electronic door locks:
1.Lock shell copper alloy forged or higher refined, feel good, does not rust and fall off.
2.Idling or idling handle construction and use of integrated design to prevent loosening.
3.Five-bolt international standard, with independent anti-allocation latch, super bolt main bolt and locked to solve the anti-lock provision, anti-plug, wrong unlock problem.
4.With an emergency mechanical key to solve any emergency problem under the emergency door.
5.Circuit board using waterproof, moisture-proof treatment process, to solve the circuit board inside the electronic components due to temperature changes in oxidation, corrosion problems, to ensure long-term use of locks.
6.All the factory burn-in test circuit board to prevent cold solder joint, false welding phenomenon, to ensure the quality locks.
7.With open records inquiries, solve the problem of the hotel theft theft and strengthen the hotel management.
8.4-5 alkaline batteries, under-voltage triggered alarm, the alarm can still open the door after more than 200 times.
9.Underlying core software and lock all the self-management software development, not crack, versatility, can hotel management system with different compatible card of Hotel Management.。

Basic parameters:
1.Suitable temperature: -25 ℃ - +50 ℃
2.For door thickness :37-70mm
3.Sensing distance :3-5cm
4.Antistatic: >15000v, in strong static information can still be guaranteed not lost, stable。
5.Relative Humidity: <95%
6.Pulse static power :3-20uA
7.Dynamic power consumption: about 200mA
8.Low voltage indication: 4.8v
9.Circuit moderators chip: Germany and Switzerland EM-MARIN PHILIPS chips and excellent performance.

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