Model: CDP820J
Name: Hotel Lock


Color: Gold \ Silver
Size: 290mm × 80mm
* German style
* event handle structure, anti-force damage.
* U.S. standard five bolt-linked electronic lock cylinder.
* time control, limit the opening hours, to avoid the urge due to customers, consumer embarrassment.
* can be any open records check through the collector and software.
* Anti-lock Xiecha non-normal state of alert reminder.

Technical parameters:
* Operating voltage: 6V.4 section high-energy alkaline batteries
* Static power consumption: <15 microamps
* Dynamic power consumption: 120 mA ~ 180 mA
* Battery life: Normal use 4 months to 6 months
* Low Voltage Alarm: voltage below 4.8V or so, dozens more could open the door
* Emergency on: free from any control, even if the tongue locked, but also open the door
* Opening time: press the handle to open the door after a valid, do not open the door lock automatically 10 seconds
* Reliability: continuous normal 1000 card will not be a mistake
* lock record: lock the latest in storage 350
* Guarantee Conditions: contact any illegal card, the lock will not damage the circuit, the normal use of still
* Mechanical keys: a drive system is completely independent of the mechanical emergency unlocking mechanism, to ensure the normal emergency door still open
 Mounting requirements: the 38-35mm thick door between the door surface if the lace, the lace away from the door should be 105mm above the
* Operating temperature: 10 ℃ -70 ℃ (special requirements of up to 35 ℃ -85 ℃)

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