Model: DSMR830Y
Name: M1 Card Lock


Color: Gold \ Silver
* Card Type: Mifare proximity card
* Touch key password
* cards close to the microwave method to measure the
* After the installation of the doorbell, the door locks are free to set up 27 kinds of bell sounds, matching
* The second generation ID card can be your key to the door, matching
* are free to set the lock mode: Mifare card and password can be independently unlock / Mifare card and the password used to unlock the same time. the card in a locked setting, no system software, set up two management cards, 200 cards to open the door
* modify the password can be up to set a management password, the password to open the door 50
* password support garbled input, a maximum input of 12
* can be set to channel
* Door "false lock " warning
* Low voltage alarm
* Battery-powered, external emergency power supply
* hand raised can be locked down
* Chain B-level national security mechanical key lock, hard copy, high security

Technical parameters:
* Operating voltage: 6.0V (4 alkaline batteries authentic 5th)
* Static power consumption: <50uA
* Dynamic power consumption: <200mA
* Battery life: 10 months or more (4 5 # Genuine alkaline batteries)
* Low voltage indication: <4.5V
* reading distance:> 20mm
* Operating temperature: -20 ℃ -70 ℃
* Working humidity: ≤ 80%

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